Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Edward P. Buyck - request for info

Unfinished self portrait of Edwin P. Buyck (1888-1960)  (Albany Institute)

A friend of mine is doing some research about Slingerlands artist Edward P. Buyck.  I hadn't really heard of Buyck before. Come to find out he was known for his portrait work (he painted FDR from life) and his horse portraits (like the famous Man O' War.) He was married to Mary Willard Vine who was herself known for her work as the NY State director of the WPA arts program. They lived at 400 McCormack Road in a fancy house called Highfield Hall.

Buyck created this poster about 1918 (Albany Institute) 
But what really captured my attention is this painting of Mary. What is that in the background? 

A painting of Mary Willard Vine Buyck (1888-1973) by her husband
Edward P. Buyck (Albany Institute)
Is that a person riding a frog?  What is it? I want to know!   It is so silly next to this elegantly composed woman.

One article I found said the couple's home was full of antiques and Buyck used many of them in his work. I am guessing this whimsical frog was just one many such items.

The article closed with Buycks's personal code:

Art is teaching the world the idea of life.  The man who believes that money is the thing is cheating himself.

Any way - Bob Mulligan would like you to give him a shout if you have any memories or stories about the Buycks.  Email rempundit@earthlink.net or call 518-439-3802. Thanks!


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