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Slingerland Stories: Civil War Service

Civil War Service

John H. Slingerland (1844-1914, buried here) and his cousin William Slingerland were veterans of the Civil War having served with the New York’s 177th Infantry Unit. Both enlisted in October of 1862 when they were 18 years old. While assigned to different companies, both marched to the Albany train station on December 15 to begin their journey to New Orleans. Headquartered at Bonnet Carre, the 177th took part in skirmishes at McGill’s Ferry, and Pontchatoula, and saw action at the siege of Port Henry. The 177th, including the cousins, mustered out of service at Albany on September 10, 1863.

John, the son of William H. and Elizabeth Slingerland, worked with his father as a civil engineer. He married Alice Preston about 1873 and they had four children, William, Edward, Bessie and Florence. In the late 1880s he and his family moved to New York City where he was a masonry inspector. After her husband’s death, Alice and daughter Florence moved back to Slingerlands.

William Slingerland (1844-1928) was the son of John I. and Sally Slingerland. He and his wife Ellen Van Wie had seven children and lived their entire lives in Slingerlands. For many years he was an Express Manager with American Express Company.

New York State Military Museum, Stenzel article
Read more about the 177th at the websites below.

First, and excellent overview of NY in the war:  https://exhibitions.nysm.nysed.gov/civilwar/

The New York State Military Museum has excellent resources.  Browse the ones for the 177th here  https://dmna.ny.gov/historic/reghist/civil/infantry/177thInf/177thInfMain.htm

and especially the article here  https://dmna.ny.gov/historic/reghist/civil/infantry/177thInf/177thInf_Article_Stenzel.pdf

and the unit roster here

For miscellaneous odds and ends check out these sites:



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/177th_New_York_Volunteer_Infantry NOTE: This wiki page is pretty scant, but it has a couple of intersting looking books cited at the bottom.

https://militaryimages.atavist.com/uniforms-history-spring-2018 has this picture along with the description "Members of the 10th Regiment, wearing the 1862 dress uniform, lined up in an upstate New York field for this group portrait"  Also as the website notes, "The 10th served as a federal volunteer regiment, renumbered the 177th New York Volunteer Infantry."

New York State Military Museum, Stenzel article
Here are John H. Slingerland and William Slingerland's obituaries.  Both emphasized their Civil War service.  Also clippings of the 177th's various reunions.

The Albany Argus, December 25, 1914

Hudson Evening Register, December 29, 1914

Altamont Enterprise, November 9, 1928
Hudson Daily Star, June 6, 1863.  Included in this long article is this quote: THe 2nd Duryee Zouaves and the 177th New York made a desperate onset and were met by a rain-storm of bullets."

The Albany Argus, September 14, 1890

The Knickerbock Press, September 14, 1921

And finally, Abram M. Carhart. Wish I had pictures like this of John and William Slingerland.

Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/item/2010648986/
From the unit roster:

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