Monday, March 14, 2016

Historic Tales of Bethlehem, New York on sale NOW

My new book Historic Tales of Bethlehem, New York comes out today.  So exciting!

The book collects many of my then and now articles from Our Towne Bethlehem as well as other writings I've done, including this blog.  I tend to write about what grabs my interest history-wise, everything from baseball and ice harvesting, old Victorian houses and old commercial buildings, rural vistas and suburban plots. Whatever piques my curiosity, I am usually looking for the people and try in some small way to tell their story centered in Bethlehem but touching on larger historic themes and events.   I hope readers will deepen their appreciation our history and those who have come before us.

Historic Tales of Bethlehem, New York, published by the History Press, is available for sale at the Town Clerk's office at Town Hall, I Love Books in Delmar, Tattered Pages in Glenmont, and many other retailers including online outlets.  And direct from the publisher of course! The price is $21.99.

All of my author royalties will be donated to the Bethlehem Historical Association.

And in case you are curious - the top photo on the cover is Studler's 1955 Tri-Village Little League team and the bottom is a view of Bridge Street in South Bethlehem (looking east.)

And don't forget, you can still buy this one too!

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