Monday, March 12, 2018

Stage Finds

In the ongoing saga of things that turn up on my desk I give you the picture above.

Did you know that they are working on the stage area in the auditorium at Town Hall? (It became structurally unsound, so the space is being renovated to accommodate the food pantry and rework the area where the Town Board sits.)

Do you remember that Town Hall is the former Delmar Grade School?

The items above were all found "under" the stage, a couple of them were actually crammed into the wood work.

As always I wonder what the story was.

This blue tin looks to be a cigarette box.  Edgeworth Extra High Grade Ready-Rubbed was manufactured by Larus and Brother Company of Richmond, Virginia.  Probably from the 1930s.  I imagine kids sneaking a smoke under the stage after school!

The calendar is for the year 1933 and I wish it still had the picture in the middle.  It advertises the Delmar Dry Cleaners, 337 Delaware Avenue.  Dial 9-832.   Love that phone number!

How about this bus schedule from 1926? Catch a ride in Albany at 10 AM and arrive in Delmar 26 minutes later.  I really wonder where the specific bus stops were for Albany, Normansville, Elsmere and Delmar.  Obviously along Delaware Avenue, but where exactly?

This is an envelope from the Home Savings Bank in Albany - wish we could still get the 4 1/2 % interest rate!

And finally, this sheet that looks to be a page of spelling homework.

I would really like to know if anyone remembers Stephen Gates and how his fourth grade paper ended up stuffed in the wood work under the stage!  Let's see, if he was around 9 years old in 1964 that makes him about 63 today. And because I can not help myself, here's his BCSD 1972 yearbook picture.  That's him, top left.

Many thanks to the folks working on the project who rescued these items.  You saved some fun bits of Bethlehem history!


  1. Maybe my memory is short circuiting, but I remember Stephen Gates living on Van Wies Rd in Glenmont and attend Glenmont Elementary.

  2. Grade 4H indicates he was probably in Dorothy Hosey's class.

  3. Thank you for the comments - anyone know where he is now?

  4. The Gates family moved to Van Wies road, but Stephen's sister, Linda, attended Delmar grade school from kindergarten until 6th grade and graduated in 1969. They lived, at that time, on Delmar Place. I'm sure her brother also attended Delmar Grade School for a while. Linda's married name is Nettleton.