Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ruth Miner: A Slingerlands Personality

Saturday's history hike in Slingerlands led to a discussion about Ruth Miner.  Miner was a well known figure locally in the hamlet and in wider political circles.  Her home was the lovely white house with red tile roof at the corner of New Scotland and Font Grove Roads.  She was active in the local Methodist church, an attorney, founder of the Bethlehem Women's Republican Party, and delegate to the National Republican Convention in 1940, 1944 and 1948.

And I completely misspoke about her.  Yes, she was the definitely the Executive Deputy Secretary of State.  Here is how she identifies herself in a sworn affidavit from 1948.

It just so happens that I recently gained access to a scrapbook kept by Helen Frazier of Slingerlands.  Among its many pages of clippings is this page with two clips about Ruth from about 1930.  Closeups are below.

Hint: Use your computer's zoom to read this article.  Leap year is a "source of kidding" for Miner

An online newspaper search turns up many, many hits for Ruth Miner. She even has a listing on politicalgraveyard.com 

However, I am still looking for her obituary.  I deduce from various newspaper reports that she was born around 1900 and died sometime prior to August 18, 1980. That is when an estate auction for the"late Ruth Miner of Slingerlands" was held. 

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