Friday, May 9, 2014

Blessing Homestead

Here's a quick Friday afternoon then and now courtesy of the Bethlehem Public Library. Enjoy.

Top is 1900 -ish and bottom is 1940 -ish. 

Now I am going to really cheat, it is Friday after all, and cut and paste the library's info. 

Black and white 5 x 7 photograph of the former Blessing Homesteadlocated on the corner of 27 Cherry Avenue and Orchard Street (formerlycalled Jericho Road and Stony Hill Road)DelmarNew York. The house was reportedly built in 1849 by Frederick BSlingerland on land deeded to him by his fatherJohn A. Slingerland, in 1842 and 1849Frederick deeded the homesteadalong with extensive property on both sides of OrchardStreet, to his daughterMagdalene Slingerland Blessingwife of Christian LGBlessing, in 1869Cecelia Slingerlandwidow of Frederick and motherof Magdalene, was given life use of the south half of the homeCharles WBlessing, a bachelor and one of four sons of Magdalene and Christian, was the last of the family to occupy the home. He operated a fruit farm and sold produce locally. He was also a school principal in Albany and wrotehistory of Albany schools. He sold off much of his property on both sides of Orchard Street. He died in 1960 (?) at about age ninety. The remainingproperty was willed to his nephewRalph Blessing of Amsterdamwho sold more of the land to a developer, and apartment houses were built. In1962, the two-family home and remaining land were purchased by Mr. and MrsArthur Hannan. This photo shows some remodeling changes,including porches that were probably added in the early 1900sWhen the maple tree on the right was removed in the early 1960s, as Orchard streetwas widenedit was estimated to be two hundred years old.

Thank you Bethlehem Public Library for your support of local history!
Check out their digital collection at 

Sorry, no 21st century view today - Google's street view is completely obscured by trees.  You'll have to take a drive along Cherry Avenue and see if you can pick out this house.  

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