Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Middle School in 1954

While browsing through the 1954 Bethlehem Central High School Year Book for something completely different,  I came across this picture and had to share a quick Then and Now.  Enjoy.

The class of 1954 started at what is now the Middle School on Kenwood Avenue and moved into the new High School on Delaware Avenue.  Here's what they had to say in the introduction to the year book:

“After three long years of planning, building, and waiting, the Senior High has at last moved into a new building.  But though the importance of the move was great, it brought no great change in the way we acted, or in the activities with which our hands busied themselves.  Once again it was proven that the important part of a school, the enduring part, is not the building, but the people in it.”

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