Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Revolutionary Markers

I was down at the Cedar Hill Schoolhouse this morning and got photos of three historic markers on my way home.

What markers have you seen on your travels in Bethlehem?

This one is on Dinmore Road and recognizes Cornelius Glen, Hugh Jolly, Zimri Murdock, Francis Nicoll, James Selkirk, Richard Sill, Caleb Smith and Arie VanWie.
Interestingly, Glen, Selkirk, Sill and Smith are not on yesterday's list of Bethlehem Revolutiony War veterans from the book Bethlehem Revisited. I know that James Selkirk moved to Bethlehem after the war, maybe the others did too. They certainly ended up buried in Bethlehem.

This one is on Creble Road and commemorates Tunis Slingerland and William Winne.

This one is on Elm Avenue and honors John D. Winne.

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