Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Stop mowing at 2 pm"

From the journal of John R. Adams

July 20, 1900 Commenced harvest at Vorheesville...stop mowing at 2 PM...move bales in the barn to make room for new hay

July 28, 1900 finished all hay  23 wagons in all

Yes, I am still thinking about hay and barns.  Once the heat breaks (maybe next week) I am going out to the Wemp barn in Feura Bush.  I believe this barn was moved to this site, BUT, it if had been built here, it would have been in the Town of Bethlehem at that time (The Town of New Scotland was created out of Bethlehem in 1832). 


And if you are curious, John R Adams (1834-1905) is the son of Nathaniel and Rhogenia Adams.  Nathaniel and Rhogenia moved to what was to become Adamsville (get the connection?) in 1836 and built the Adams House Hotel in 1838.  (Now NYSARC and the Delmar Fire Department at 393 Delaware Avenue, Delmar)

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