Thursday, June 11, 2020

Finding Maps on Line

Don't you just love old maps?  I just finished a fun Zoom presentation about Bethlehem and Albany's changing boundary lines and everyone wanted to know where to find the old maps. So below is just a bunch of links with comments.  If you know of other sources, please let me know!

1851 map from New York Public Library

The David Rumsey Map Collection is super cool.  Type "Albany County, New York" in the search box for some great results including the 1829 and 1840 Burr atlas, and 1891 Beers atlas (which I have learned is actually an atlas of the Hudson River, so the Bethlehem maps don't go nearly as far inland as I would like.)

The Library of Congress has lots and lots of wonderful digital resources.  Including the 1854 Gould map of Albany County. Search under Albany County for the best results.  It is a lot to wade through, but sometimes the item is under a hamlet name (like Slingerlands or Cedar Hill) and not the town wide name of Bethlehem.  The use of Albany County is consistent. 

Ask me how much I have fallen in love with the New York Public Library?  Their digital collections are remarkable.  Just the maps alone! On the main page search on Albany County, New York and you will get fabulous stuff including the 1866 Beers map of Bethlehem. 

The 1767 Map of Rensselaerswyck is available at the  NY Public Library link above but I like the version over here at RPI library.

USGS maps are available in a couple of spots.  You can go to their main site and play around with the map function here 

If you want a quick hop to the Albany Quadrangle maps from 1893, 1927 and 1950 - hop over here:

And don't forget the map warper I talked about in this post: 

And you can find all of Albany County's tax maps online too at 

Phew! Is that enough maps for you??? 

NO it is not - I forgot the link to this one!

This is page 18 of  Albany 2030 The City of Albany Comprehensive Plan Appendix E: Albany 2030 Data Book    You might be able to find it somewhere else, but this is where I found it.

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