Tuesday, March 31, 2020

This Historic Time - Covid 19

Hello!  How are you all coping with the historic events taking place?  One thing I am doing is keeping a journal.  I call it my plague journal and have been writing my experiences every day since March 15.  It helps me cope with the stress and recognizes that yes we are living through strange times indeed. Currently there is a long section about what it was like to go to Price Chopper yesterday.  There are also long sections about what it is like to have my husband home all the time. (We're doing pretty good actually!)

My call is for all of you to document your experiences as well.  Especially those of you that live in Bethlehem. Are you journaling? Taking pictures? Creating art? 

If I were interviewing you, I'd ask these kinds of questions.  How has life changed?  What are everyday activities like for you? What have you experienced in your home and as you go out into the community?  Are you even going out into the community? 

In the coming weeks, and let's face it months and probably years, I hope you keep documenting and one day share it with me.  My plan is to gather our stories in an archive for the future.

Personally, I am not courageous enough to put my personal journey out on Facebook, or even here.  But it is important to record this stuff for the future.  100 years from now, I will be history but maybe there will be something to learn from my experiences, and yours too.

PS Hope you enjoy the pictures of my office assistants/social media gurus/beloved pets Bailey and George.  You can follow them on Instagram if you like #rigicourtcats

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