Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Town Historian's Web Page

Recently, I updated some items on the Town Historian's web page at the general Town of Bethlehem website, http://www.townofbethlehem.org/  and was wondering if all of you readers out there even knew this page existed.  http://www.townofbethlehem.org/151/Town-Historian 

When I started as Town Historian in September 2007, this web page was the place where previous historian Ray Houghton had posted articles and I soon added more.  When the town rebuilt the website a few years back, the articles were adapted into PDFs and they are now a little awkwardly spaced, and I wish they were properly attributed to their author. They are easy enough to replace (many thanks to the town's MIS department!) but I hate to impose on MIS for minor editing issues. So, they are now something of a historic monument in themselves.  Nowadays, new articles appear here on this blog or at Our Town Bethlehem, or in my books.

Recently, I replaced the article on Bethlehem's National Register listings to include color pictures of each property.

Also replaced is the article Researching a House in Bethlehem.  Resources, especially digital ones have really improved!

Also recently updated is the list of Town Historians on the bottom of the home page.

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