Monday, April 8, 2019

Slingerlands Fire Company and the Slingerlands Baseball Team

For your Monday afternoon enjoyment, I give you this great picture of members of the Slingerland Fire Company atop their rig in 1928.

The Tony who is driving is Tony Burton and riding is Chief Joe Pastori.

Both played baseball with the Slingerlands Team in the Susquehanna League.

Joe Pastori

Tony Burton

For the sake of completeness, here is the listing of all the ball players in the photo which was taken circa 1928.

Batboy: Donny Scoons

Front row, seated, left to right: Dave Scoons, Art Delaney, Nick Halsdorf, Jim Scoons, Herb Hay, Bill Sager, Perlo Fauber

Back row, standing, left to right: DeWitt Simmon, A. Rossbrook, Bill Burton, Tony Burton, Bud Osterhout, Berb Leibick, Ted Goldring, Joe Pastori, Bill Degnarr

Man in white standing in way back is un-identified.  Cap says CPS

And that is all.  Enjoy!

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