Monday, March 4, 2019

Bethlehem People and Places

It is finally here!

For my latest book, I have gathered up three years worth of Our Town Bethlehem articles and added info about what inspired each article. As I say in the introduction, curiosity plain and simple is the beginning for most of the articles.  Did you ever wonder about the questions below?  You can find the answers in the book!

Just where is Frazertown?
How did Garret Niver, aka Garret H. VanAllen, end up at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in Dakota Terratory?
Why is Borthwick Ave named Borthwick Ave?
Did Delmar really have a zoo?
Did light keeper William Welch really row out on the Hudson River every day for 52 years?
Does she finally figure out where the name "Delmar" came from?

I would love for you to buy a copy. This time around I self-published with Troy Book Makers.  That means I had to front the entire production cost from my own pocket.  All net proceeds from sales will be donated to the Bethlehem Historical Association.

Available NOW at I Love Books in Delmar, Bethlehem Town Hall, The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, and Market Block Books in Troy. And Tattered Pages in Glenmont too!

Or you can hop right over to


Oh and I almost forgot - I am having a book signing at I Love Books on Saturday March 23 from 10 am until noon.  Stop by and say hi! And buy a book of course!

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