Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Henry Ford and a Bethlehem Connection

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Chauncey Hakes and his wife Anna. Rockledge, their lovely Van Wies Point home, is this year's Vanguard Showhouse and also the subject, along with 2 others, of my April then and now for Our Towne Bethlehem.

Chauncey - besides having a great name - was quite the character.  He had a real passion for those new-fangled automobiles which he turned into a successful career with the Albany Garage and the Hakes and LeBourveau dealership. And now I know what Chauncey looked like, and who he hung out with.  Thanks to Ruth C. for pointing me to this wonderful photo.

Here is Henry Ford's camping party at Green Island in 1919.  This was the site of Ford's new tractor plant.  From left to right we have H.S. Firestone, Jr, H.S. Firestone, Thomas A. Edison, John Burroughs, Mayor James R. Watt of Albany, Henry Ford, Chauncey D. Hakes and Samuel Ott.

Recognize any of those names? 

To see more Ford pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thehenryford/6436553699/

To find out more about the showhouse: http://vanguard-aso.org/index.asp

And for the latest Our Towne Bethlehem: http://www.ourtownebethlehem.com/

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