Thursday, January 29, 2015

Football Thoughts

In a bout of procrastination, and with the Super Bowl coming up, I typed in the word "football" in the Altamont Enterprise search box for the years 1884 to 1910.

The front page of the October 30, 1903 edition had this nice little piece about Normansville and a brief mention of Albany football.  Baxter, Pappalaw and Knapp are all Normansville families I have written about before.

On the same page, under these headlines

News of A Week

Paragraphic Photographs of the World’s Doings

Accidents and Casualties

Is this disturbing blurb

(and let's not even talk about poor "deranged" Mrs. Iverson.)

To end on a more pleasant note, except maybe for the "sneak work" and the "chin music", here are a couple of clippings about the Delmar football team.

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