Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Portland sleigh for a snowy day

I often get genealogy inquires that lead me in all kinds of directions. The latest comes from a woman in Florida looking for a record about her relative Edith Van Wie who was born in 1804 and married Lucas Burnside.

While looking through a file of Van Wie papers in the town's archive, I came across this fascinating item:

(Sorry - tilt your head - I can't figure out how to make Blogger turn it right side up)

It is a receipt from John Wemple, Albany County sheriff dated October 7, 1879. It reads

"Received of John Van Wie Thirty-One Dollars and Eighty-five cents which is in full of all Demands for one Portland Sleigh."

What is a Portland Sleigh you may ask? You can purchase this one from the Frey Carriage Company for about $900.

It looks a lot like this one from South Bethlehem.  The house pictured still stands on South Street.

And just to make your day extra fun, here's a picture of my modern day "sleigh" in my snowy driveway. 

Enjoy you snow day - and safe travels in whatever your sleigh may be.

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