Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gaping Holes in the Roof

So, I've been thinking about this barn on Feura Bush Road. It is not an exciting barn.  Just a utilitarian barn, but it was once an essential part of farm life.

This view is from Bing.

Lately, this is how it looks.

This view from Google.
(Love the airplane in the foreground.)

Notice the gaping holes in the roof?  This just makes me sad.  Another piece of Bethlehem's agricultural heritage will soon be gone. 

On the plus side, driving home along Meads Lane the other day, for some reason the old stone house on nearby VanDyke Road popped into my head.  Literally, I thought to myself, "I hope it is still standing.  I haven't been by there in ages."

A quick detour, and yes it is still standing, and looks to be undergoing some renovations.  And the roof looks just fine.  Hopefully I'll get a picture soon. 

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