Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More about those pesky Guy Park lions

Three years ago I wrote about those pesky Guy Park lions.  Go read it now.

If you've ever been down to Henry Hudson Park you know the lions I am referring to.  And you  know that in recent years the ones that used to be on River Road have been moved and there are now two pairs along Barent Winne Road.  Both sets of lions are inscribed with the name Guy Park.

This morning I've been reading some old deeds I found in a folder related to the nearby Barent Winne house and dock.  Included was a transcript of the will of John Taylor Cooper.  The will is dated December 27, 1866, and specifically refers to the "farm and country seat town of Bethlehem known as Guy Park" (which by the way he bequeathed to his wife Angelica.)

My earlier blog entry cites a newspaper from 1969 which says

 “J. B. Lyon bought the estate in 1887 from the well-known James Fenimore Cooper.  Mr. Lyon called it Guy Park after the area in England from which he came."

So, apparently, both Cooper and Lyons called the property (and I do know it is the same property) Guy Park.  But why? Why?  Is it after a place in England? 

The only Guy Park I could find in England is Guy Street Park in London which is nearby to Guy's Hospital which was founded by Thomas Guy (1644-1724) who, wonderfully, was a printer and bookseller, just like J.B. Lyon.   

And, finally, to muddy the waters even more, a clipping from the Times Union from September 1897 about a party at "The Lions" which even includes a picture of the house.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bethlehem Central School District History Research Project

My friend Beth Anderson is researching the history of the Bethlehem Central School District and would really like your input!  Pop on over to this Spotlight article for complete details.

     Beth Anderson, a Bethlehem graduate who taught English at the high school for 25 years, has recently undertaken a project to document the history of Bethlehem Central School District from those earliest years — and she’s asking the community for help filling in the considerable gaps.
     Anderson is hoping to connect with individuals who may have family members who remember the district’s earliest years or those who have memorabilia from older family members that were educated in Bethlehem. “I love digging and researching and finding,” she said. “And people need to understand what’s behind what they have.
     “Don’t let the history be lost,” urged Anderson. “We need to know what the foundation is and what we came from. I’d love any information, stories, old photos, any little ephemera or old programs. Any little thing that represents how it was in the early days of the district.”

Anyone with anything to share can reach Anderson at:
eeanderson58@gmail.com or (518) 439-3185.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A New View of a Bethlehem Gas Station - Updated!

A new-to-me picture turned up on my desk this morning.  While I've never seen this view before, I know exactly where this picture was taken.  Care to take a guess?

Ok folks, here is the site today.  And there is still a Mobil gas station there.  You can just make out the Pegasus in the old picture above.

It is Comstock's station at the corner of Feura Bush Road and 9W.