Monday, February 24, 2014

A Bethlehem Moment in LA

In this blog I try share random moments in my life that connect to Bethlehem history.  Before leaving on a trip to Los Angeles last week I wondered whether there would be any a-ha moments in that land of sunshine and palm trees.

The moment came, sort of, during our University of Southern California campus tour when I saw this

Not really historic, but very similar to the clock we have at the Four Corners.

And that was it for Bethlehem moments.

I did pick up an interesting book called Los Angeles Then and Now by Rosemary Lord.  Here's one of my favorite pages.

The transformation, about 100 years in the making, from a country dirt road into a modern city boulevard appeals to me.  It is not so different from Bethlehem's continuing change from farmland to suburb.

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